BYU Football: Twisted Wreckage at the Bottom of a Ravine

This is not a good year to be a BYU Football fan. They have one win so far this year. Having studied their remaining schedule, I’m not sure there are any easy wins the rest of the year. In fact, based on the way they’ve played, they might not win another game. That has never happened in my lifetime.

I grew up in the LaVell Edwards era when the team played in the Whacky WAC. Since I started following them in the 1970’s, I could always plan on a decent game and usually a win. There were some big-time quarterbacks in those days–Marc Wilson, Jim McMahon, and Steve Young to name a few. Those were the years when BYU could air the ball out with impudence.

Now, their Offense is ranked one of the lowest in the country. It’s been a quick trip to the bottom! If the team was a fancy car, it would be a terrible wreck with bodies flying everywhere as it tumbled end-over-end to the bottom of a ravine.

But, the question I ask. “Is there hope for the BYU football wreckage to be salvaged, repaired, and put back on the road and into tip-top shape where it can win games again?”

The answer to that question is, yes, it can. But will it happen any time soon? And here’s where the problem gets interesting and dramatic. You might shed some tears reading the rest of this essay, so go get some tissues.

Adversity produces strength. Overcoming hardships produces resoluteness and confidence. And that’s where I find intrigue in this whole affair. I am anxiously watching this team hack and claw their way back. It’s a better drama than a Sylvester Stallone movie with him staggering around, bloody face and all, screaming, “Adrian, Adrian!” The players and coaches are beat-down. They can’t remember what it’s like to win a game. It’s been a while.

They’ve got to each hook into that twisted wreckage of a once proud football dynasty laying at the bottom of the ravine and drag it, crawling and clawing their way back up to the top where the road to fame and glory runs. And I suspect before they reach the top again, it’s going to be a horrible, bloody mess. But remember, through the gore and grime, a new team could emerge–just like a shiny sports car with a new paint job and a high-powered motor under the hood–firing on all cylinders and making a big noise.

Will it happen? Who knows? But from where I sit and watch it’s good entertainment.


Jeff Hicks

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