He was a Musician; He was Beautiful

“There’s something good waitin’ down this road; I’m picking up whatever is mine. Yeah runnin’ down a dream; that never would come to me. Everybody has to fight to be free, you see, you don’t have to live like a refugee.”

Everyone, I presume, has the dream of knowing their life’s work will live on after they die. Anyone who is a builder understands that, and I think on some level, intuitively, that’s the end game. Make something that can’t be deconstructed, destroyed, or easily forgotten.

Problem is, everything tangibly made–every structure, piece of art, and thing of beauty is susceptible to age, decomposition, and will eventually crumble and fade away.

But in all this, there’s a silver lining. Nobody can take away feeling. Nobody can deconstruct or destroy what is deeply planted in my heart. Nobody can erase the emotion. And that’s the beauty of music. That’s the beauty of Tom Petty.

He was just a kid from Florida–maybe a hippy kid. But he was an artist–the front-man for some of the greatest soul-full lyrics and riffs ever heard and felt, producing songs that stick in your mind and fill your soul.

Tom Petty died too soon. And years down the road, maybe all that will be known is that Tom was a musician. But some will know more than that; he was beautiful.

(Lyrics: Runnin’ Down a Dream and Refugee; Art: Pitchfork.com)

Jeff Hicks

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