State of the Union-Deadpans and Mouth Contortions

President Donald J. Trump recently gave the U.S. State of the Union Address. Most people either watched it, heard it, or read the news about it. So, can we all agree that it was a spectacle? Everyone has their own take on the show, depending on where they stand on the political spectrum–left, right, or somewhere in-between.

So, what was wrong with Nancy Pelosi’s lips? Was she suffering from a broken tooth? Maybe the dentures were floating around in there? She made a comment on social media about her ‘funny face,’ but her explanation just muddied the waters. Her mouth contortion is a minor thing, but the camera people sure had a heyday.

My strongest concern after the show was the lack of respect the Democrats showed the president, even in sections of his speech where they should’ve been cheering. Strong economy–dead-pan looks. High employment rates–deadpan looks. DACA compromise–deadpan looks. High employment rates for African Americans–deadpan looks.

What is wrong with politicians? I speak broadly here, because the problem goes both ways. There’s no sense of decency or decorum in the political ranks, and that rankles me. But you know, nothing changes–or I should say, very little changes. Once the political machinery is in place, it’s hard to unseat a congressman.

So, have you heard what going on in Honduras? Juan Orlando Hernandez was sworn-in as president. That happened in spite of Salvador Nasralla’s opposition. Nasralla’s Anti-Corruption Party was anti-Hernandez and put up a good fight at the polls and in the streets. But like I mentioned above, when the political machinery is in place, it’s nearly impossible to unseat a standing politician unless they decide to resign or they get thrown out of office.

Have you heard that 2017 was the highest year on record for natural disaster costs? Extreme hurricanes and wildfires was what tipped the scales. If you’re a believer in the Bible prophesies of the problems in the last days, well, there you have it. Are we in the Last Days? Who knows.

Have you been following the detainment of all those Saudi Arabian ‘prominent citizens’ who were detained by the government for corruption? They did get to stay in the ritzy Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Riyadh, so at least their amenities were not ‘prison-like,’ but detained they were.

Mohammad Bin Salman took-in over 100 billion from his ‘guests’ before letting them go. Some are still detained and will go to trial to address their corruption charges. Who thinks this is nothing more than an old-fashioned shakedown?

So, you gotta know that’s what happens when you live in and do business in an absolute monarchy. You’re pretty much at the whim of the king. But, as is the case most of the time, if you got money, you’ll be alright.


Jeff Hicks

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