The Joke’s On Us!

I love hyperbole! That art form breaks the ice and cuts the tension. It leads to laughter and light-heartedness. Focusing on an important principle, choosing one segment of that principle and exaggerating that segment to unbelievable proportions is funny. Hundreds of comedians make millions a year by advancing this art form.

So, here’s the news of the day. In Afghanistan, more gunfire and explosions in the streets have disrupted the lives of some innocent people living there. In Myanmar, 500,000 Rohingya Muslims are fleeing for their lives. Seems there’s a case of ethnic cleansing going on in that country. Puerto Rico has been raped and ravaged due to being in the path of a devastating hurricane. People there are without homes, power, medical care, food, and water. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un sends more threats of nuclear destruction to the United States and its allies. Israel is threatened by terror organizations, Hezbollah and Hamas. Boko Haram continues it’s recruiting of indigent young men and women to carry out its goals of death and destruction in fringe areas of Kenya and Nigeria. Islamic State militants have decreed expansion into western Europe and are toying with the idea of using small drones to drop bombs on people. And in the United States, professional athletes are taking a knee during the national anthem.

Well, I got a good laugh. Wait, aren’t we supposed to laugh? The last line of the previous paragraph is the hyperbole, isn’t it? It’s kind of like hyperbole in reverse! Okay, I will laugh for everyone who isn’t.

Have you ever been the butt of someone’s joke? Have you ever had someone say, “Hey, the jokes on you!?” I have; and even though I chuckled, my smiles were really only a mask for my indignation at being made fun of. Nobody likes to be thrust into those uncomfortable situations.

We, the people, are embroiled in the midst of someone’s cruel joke. The joke’s on us! And the mass media is standing back, laughing at us. And they continue their laughter while they deposit millions in ad money made off another national drama.

Think about it…

Jeff Hicks

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